Backyard Nature Study (with FREE Printable)


Backyard Nature Study and Scavenger Hunt Printable

Spending time outside is an important part of any education. You can read about bugs and flowers in books for days, but nothing beats seeing them up close and in person.

I used to think that we didn’t have access to nature in our small suburban backyard. I’ve always envied the Instagrammers who live on big farms, filled with gorgeous plants and animals.

But then I realized if you really look for it, nature is everywhere. And children are much better at finding it than we are.

If you need help getting started with your own backyard nature study, I created this free worksheet just for you and your little explorers.

If you want to build your own backyard nature kit, here are a few of our favorite essentials:

Butterfly nets are perfect for catching frogs, too! 


These waterproof Keen sandals are great for muddy nature walks.

Every little explorer needs a bug catching kit. 

Binoculars help in spotting birds in tall trees. 


Nature is messy, so we always bring baby wipes on our adventures.


Bread is bad for birds, so we always carry a bag of bird seed to feed our winged friends.

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